Success Stories

We shelter the pets found by Western Monmouth Animal Control.  Freehold, Manalapan and Millstone residents, if your pet is missing, please give us a call.

We post these found souls on our Facebook page, cross post to other Facebook groups and pages in attempt to reunite families.  We don't share a lot of details because our first effort is to find the family that lost their pet.  In the event their family is not found, after 10 days or so the pet may become available for adoption.

These are some of our success stories of dogs that were either reunited with their people, or were given a second chance and were adopted into a loving forever home.

4-8-16  REUNITED 4-8-16

Owner Found - Millstone
We love re-uniting families!!
This duo was found in Millstone. The pair are very happy and friendly.

4-8-16   ADOPTED  4-22-16

Found - Millstone 
This very friendly pup was found in Millstone near the Clarksburg border. 
Recently groomed, happy pup that is surely missing his people. 

3-29-2016  Reunited   3-30-2016

A very handsome, friendly black brindle boy. 
Found in the area of Wagner Farm Park. 
He is clean, and without a collar. 

Another thank you to the Facebook Community for finding his people!

2-19-2016  Reunited  -  2-19-2016

Found on Union Hill Rd, Manalapan

Western Monmouth Animal Control brought this large baby in from the cold.

Very large, friendly but a bit scared, another 2 am find by Western Monmouth Animal Control.

Thank you to all of the caring people on Facebook! Animal Control is now aware of the circumstances surrounding this beauty, and will monitor her situation closely.

2-6-2016  -  Reunited  -  2-6-2016

This little lady was brought in by animal control around 2 am on a very, very cold night.  We gave her a warm place to rest, a soft bed, fresh water and food.

Through the magnificent people on Facebook, who shared, commented and got the word out, we were able to reunite her with her family in less than 8 hours!

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