Freehold Dog Grooming

freehold dog grooming

Freehold dog grooming. Let our experienced team of dog groomers pamper your pup with a full service grooming, just a bath, or simply a manicure and pedicure!

Our groomers see many different types of dogs, you can feel confident making the style requests that suite your needs.

Even if it's "just a bath" our team of dedicated animal lovers checks your best friend for fleas, ticks, abnormal growths, abnormal skin conditions and ear infections.

Take a look below for our available grooming packages so that we may find the one to fit your pups needs:

Basic Grooming package:

-Bath, ears, and nails trimmed

Our basic grooming package includes a warm relaxing bath that is given using our Hydro-Powered bath massaging system. The high powered hose supplies suds and a massage to help relax your pup's body tip to tail, while getting down to the skin to help lift away deep dirt and excess hair. *We also have a large variety of shampoos and conditioners available for any and all of your dogs needs. From excess shedding conditioner, sensitive skin shampoo, and special fragrances, to medicated shampoos for skin conditions. Flea and tick baths available upon request*

Next your dog is hand toweled off and then dried with our Metro machine blow dryer which uses no heat, so your dogs skin and hair is never damaged or irritated. The Metro helps blow out the excess undercoat hair which can not be brushed out by hand; leaving your dog shed free and is great for those seasonal coat blow outs on those long haired dogs who shed excessively.

After your pup is clean and dry we make sure to clean their ears out gently and trim their nails *Dremmel tool is available to file down nails upon request*

Special, pet friendly, totally washable dyes are a really cute option available at Cherry Lane Pet Grooming!

Designer Grooming Package:

-Bath, hair cut, ears, and nails trimmed

starts with a good brush out, then a hair cut, manicure, pedicure, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, a warm bath, low or no heat drying, and final finishing touches. Most long haired pups should have a full service grooming every 6-8 weeks to avoid matting.

Nail Trimming Only:

Keeping up with trimming those nails is very important!  Nails that are too long can cause severe discomfort for your pet. Call to schedule an appointment to have your dogs nails trimmed today! 

Sedation Grooming is Available

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