Animal Control - what happens

Western Monmouth Animal Control (WMAC), what happens when they find your dog or cat?

Cherry Lane Kennels is the holding facility for WMAC found dogs and cats for townships of Freehold, Manalapan, and Millstone

We have asked the questions to Western Monmouth Animal Control, and here are the answers we received:

Freehold Township Residents  -  Freehold Boro Residents  -  Manapalan Residents

When a resident of the town calls the police or health department to report a stray dog or cat, an animal control officer (ACO) is usually dispatched.

The ACO looks for identification on the pet.  A collar with a township issued license, or a microchip.  They make every effort possible to reunite the lost pet with their family, they even check with the police department for a report on a lost pet.  If there is no identification, no lost pet report filed with police, they bring the pet to Cherry Lane Kennel.

The staff at Cherry Lane re-scans for a microchip, and places the pet in holding.  We provide a safe, comfortable place to rest, fresh water, some bedding, and food.

We take a picture or two, and make an announcement of "Found" on our Facebook page, then cross post it to a few Lost Dog groups and pages.

Each township charges a fee to re-claim your pet.

Each township requires that every pet has a township issued license.

The team at Cherry Lane does all that they can to find the family that lost the pet.

If the family is not found, after 7 days the pet may become available for adoption.

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